Friday, October 7, 2011

Noz In End Time

Friday! The last day before the long weekend begins. Well a long weekend in Canada at least. This is our Thanksgiving weekend. So yes it is my turkey day! Well Monday is at least. Anyways, Friday means it is time for a Reader Post. The post of the week where you all submit responses based on the topic I gave you. This week I wanted to know what you all thought about Nozdormu being in End Time, the new 5 man instance. So let`s see what you all had to say.

Him appearing as Murozond, the leader of the Infinite, the flight that we know are meddling with the timeline "for the sake of the greater good". What I think is rather interesting is the bronze flight always sent us back to ensure that time was kept the same,but this is the first time that the players actually assist in changing the timeline, rather than preventing it. Nozdormu seemingly makes light of those actions, saying that he'll handle everything. I just think this is the foreshadow of his demise.

Its weird, the Titans showed Nozdormu his death so that he wouldn't have the hubris to think he was invincible...and he just changed the future, therefore changing his end. Weird concept or intended result?     

I really had a very interesting idea. What if the newest patch is the story of not one Aspect's fall, but two? And not a cheap plot device, but a cunning act by Blizzard to tie all the ends together? Nozdormu had always known he'd go mad and die this way, no matter what choices he'd make. What wasn't clear was that it was us who assisted him all the way, both in committing the crime and taking the punishment. Just a thought I've had. Maybe I'm wrong, but looked at from this perspective, I think this patch keeps looking better and better.

It's pretty much been accepted at this point that Murozond is Nozdormu, but I'm stumped as to how this is possible give that it's been stated multiple times that Noz exists outside of time and while you will find multiple versions of a normal person in different time lines, there is and always has been only one Nozdormu across all timelines.

What if what the players witness and assist in doing is actually the very crime against the Timelord's own nature, the point in time where he learns to abuse his power, where the idea of fixing everything comes from, and that's what shatters the Aspect's mind? We know Nozdormu knows his own future, but is powerless to change it. What if, faced with the Deathwing threat, he chooses to betray his own nature and accepts his fate to give Azeroth a fighting chance? And the trip to the "End Time" is not only to show the adventurers the consequences of not stopping Deathwing, but to strengthen his own resolve before the crime he has yet to commit, accepting what it will make him, as well as the death at the hands of beings he deems worthy? To get rid of any regrets before sacrificing his own essence, for the sake of everything else, before he loses what makes him himself, his role as the Aspect? Before he takes the step that he knows and had always known will plunge him into madness?

I suspect that the Dragon Soul being brought into the present from the Well of Eternity may have something to do with Nozdormu's corruption.  The Dragon Soul itself was instrumental in the Old God's corruption of Neltharion. Perhaps the contact Nozdormu will have with the artifact as he returns it to its original timeline will be enough to get the corruption rolling. I think it's an interesting idea that would bring even more things full circle in the upcoming patch.     

Death by mortal hands. It sort of makes sense that he would not be able to prevent it in any way, and the easiest explanation of how all the timelines can lead to this one unavoidable result. Details will vary, but the end result "a mad dragon, slain in combat" is the same. If there were too many details, or if other details were too important, it would potentially make the fate avertable. Even the "mortal hands" bit may be debatable, but still unable to be averted. Even at the End Time, when there is no life left, his past self brings his prophetized end to him. I think this is that kind of mind blown moment everyone expects with time travel.

And there you have it. I just want to say there was countless submissions to this topic and I would have loved to include them all it just was not possible. I want to thank everyone who submitted something as it is always very much appreciated. This post itself would not be possible without all of you contributing to it. So if you would like to participate in next week's topic be sure to check out the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. With nothing else left to say, enjoy your weekend everyone!

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