Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Which means it is time for some questions to be answered while you wonder where your weekend went. So why don't we get right to it.

Legion is almost here. What do you think?

I know this normally is always said, but I think this is the most anticipated expansion and it has nothing to do with the content announced it has to do with the Pre-Patch content. This seems to have social media in an uproar and excited. Everywhere I look people are excited and getting ready to go. Now this could be because so many people have unsubscribed because of the end of WoD, and now are excited to get back at it. Whatever it is everyone is ready.

Will Legion improve WoW subs?

Well I think the subs will definitely increase when the expansion launches and will continue to increase towards the Karazhan patch. The main thing from there is how the following content will flow and how well it is received. Warlords had great opening content, but then it faded and people loss interest because of the repetition so as long as they learned their lesson they I think it will be in good shape. The lore itself may actually keep people coming and staying to this expansion just like Wrath did. 

Do you think there will be a Fear The Walking Dead game?

As long as it is not as bad as the show.

There they are the questions for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in this week as it would not be possible without you doing so. Now you have permission to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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