Friday, August 12, 2016

The Confusing Story

It is Friday and it is time for the Reader Post of the week. With that in mind what is the topic for this week? Well No Man's Sky has been out for almost a week and people are already wondering what is going on with the story. I am not sure it is worth the time, but Shamfuru has something to say about it so that works for me for this week's Reader Post.

Apparently it was written by the same guy that did the original deus ex. I see the similarities, and that isn't a compliment.

What is contained below is my take on the gist of the story. It's not everything nor is it in-depth. I do not discuss the imagery in any detail nor the references to philosophy. 

This is the story:

You wake up with no memories except you are a traveler in a place you feel you don't belong. You feel a pull of an ancient life force called "the atlas."

You take to the stars and go through hours of your character bloviating like a fifteen year old edgelord. You constantly ponder the meaning of your actions like you were scrawling it on the inside of a composition notebook covered in stickers. Pseudo-buddhist claptrap is vomited out at you from freemason imagery straight out of 2001 a space oddessey.

You then wonder if it is all a simulation, if you have free will or if you are a puppet of an unseen force. You collect stones that the atlas has left for you. These stones contain the information to build a new star.

You then come to make a new star. It is what the atlas has been asking you to do this whole time. Your role in the eternal dance is to be the one to gather the stones and then use them. You have a vision saying that the new star will bring forth a new galaxy and in there will be a new traveler born in this new place. You wonder if you will did your answers there and if you will meet this new traveler.

You get to the center of the galaxy and your new star explodes into an entirely new dimension. You wake up with no memories except you are a traveler in a place you feel you don't belong.

There you have it something to think about for your weekend.

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