Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oh The Spoilers

So as you can tell from the graphic today it is all about spoilers. Now I completely understand people don't want things spoiled for them. I am the exact same way. For me though I make it a point to avoid any and all situations where a spoiler can occur. While others tend to think it is the responsibility of everyone else to ensure that they are not spoiled.

Does this not make any sense to anyone else? For me I tend to avoid spoilers for games the first week before I talk about anything. People come and read my blog not knowing what I post about each and everyday and to me that seems fair. To all those complaining now about the new World of Warcraft cinematics released Tuesday are posting on forums and pages dedicated to WoW about people posting spoilers on those particular forums. Like really? If you don't want to know anything about it then don't look. It is completely your fault that you are looking don't bitch and complain to others wanting to talk about these things in specific locations meant to talk about these things.

I know people are entitled and think the world revolves around them and not the sun, but seriously give me a break. Truthfully I would like to know what goes through these peoples minds so if you are one of these people please let me know before I suggest you bash your head against a wall to actually gain some sense.


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  2. I saw the movies on MMO-champion. I didn't watch because I wanted no spoilers. But that's not exactly how it works in all situations.
    For example, next day after the new Star Wars movie, some people felt the need to go on the WoW trade chat and spoil the whole plot in one phrase. What were the people who didn't want to be spoiled about it supposed to do? Avoid the whole world?
    There's people out there who get their kicks out of making people miserable, this is one form and it has nothing to do with people thinking the world revolves around them. It's about being respectful toward other people.

    TL, DR: You put a movie up and I watch it, it's my fault. You shout at me with spoilers and blame me for not stuffing my ears, that's your fault.