Thursday, August 25, 2016

Horde Vs Alliance Will Always Be

First off I want to state this post will have spoilers associated with it in regards to the pre expansion cinematics that occur for Legion. Again there is spoilers so if you continue beyond this point and don't want them it is entirely your fault.

So in the pre expansion cinematics we see 2 big events. We see the Alliance witnessing the Horde archers lead by Sylvanas leave their posts while the Alliance are down below fighting the Legion. This is from the Alliance perspective and the ending result is what appears to be Varian Sacrificing himself the end result being Gul'dan blowing him up with Fel energy.

The second perspective is that of the Horde where we see Vol'jin stabbed along with Thrall and Baine being beaten back and in serious trouble with the Legion onslaught. Sylvanas calls for a retreat to protect them. The end result is Vol'jin dying to his wounds and Sylvanas becoming the Warchief of the Horde.

Ok so what is the problem then? Well we saw in the original Legion Cinematic that the Horde and the Alliance are on the same page fighting together to face a bigger threat. It ending with Varian saying instead of the typical "FOR THE ALLIANCE" with a "FOR AZEROTH". This is important because it focuses on the two factions being united for the first time in a long time. Now what many are complaining about is that these 2 pre Legion cinematics take everything away from that.

Why? Well the Alliance thinks the Horde left them for dead. They will be blamed for the death of their king. They do not know that Horde did so only to protect their leaders. Now it could be argued they should have stayed regardless, but really was there a point in letting everyone die? To me if you are outnumbered then you have to make the bad call. Problem is this appears to be something it is not. The Horde may be in other circumstances be able to explain, but with the likes of Jaina and Genn in charge this is not going to be possible.

So why do this whole united thing? Well really I believe there needs to be tension between the Horde and the Alliance to make Warcraft, Warcraft. It is the central focus to the universe and no matter what it will always be there. There can be people on both sides of the conflict who connect and trust one another, but it must always be there. So they did this in a way that the factions are united, but each side will really blame the other for each leader dying. So really it just comes down to us the players living with the fact what must be in place in the world.

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  1. I completely agree here. The lack of in-game justification for PvP is frustrating, and I don't even do PvP! For all that the story came up with last xpac, everyone who participated in PvP was no better than a war criminal, breaking the peace treaty agreed to after SoO. Now? Now the Alliance is infuriated at the Horde's "betrayal" and Genn and Jaina are going to be out for blood. PvP has a good story behind it again.