Friday, August 5, 2016

The Current Lore Of Blood Elves

Friday, yes your weekend is approaching and you have yet to decide what you are going to do. Before you start to stress out about that why not check out this week's Reader Post. What is it about you ask? Well I am always having Lore discussions with Warcraft fans and one topic lately that has been talk about is the Bloodelves and Dalaran in Legion especially with everything that has happened in the past concerning them. The Blizzard thoughts on the matter to make it work in game are that the Legion threat is much bigger and the sides with put grudges aside to deal with the current problem. Here is what Loadbearer has to say about it.

That's what everyone says in order to explain away the whole "Horde are in Dalaran again after the Kirin Tor showed exactly how it felt about any Horde-affiliates like not even a year ago" thing, but the thing is, Blizzard never shows that in-game. They just show the Blood Elves being simpering pitiful asshats crawling back to the Kirin Tor when the Kirin Tor are so egocentric that they believe 

  1. All the Sunreavers are to blame for the Purge
  2. Don't find a blood elf willingly committing treason by handing over a priceless royal family heirloom historical national treasure of Quel'thalas to be enough proof of his obviously greater loyalty to Dalaran and the humans over his own people and homeland
  3. Ask how they can be sure he won't betray them again
  4. And then Aethas sits there nodding and agreeing when the no-name dickmonkey from the Dark Riders comic says "if he weren't trustworthy, he'd have given the sword to one of his own Sunreavers."

So recovering something that belongs to your people and returning it to your people is untrustworthy. Okay. Then frost and arcane mages who find Alodi's and Aegwynn's staves should hand them over to the Burning Legion then, right? By the Kirin Tor's own logic, finding something that belongs to your kingdom and happily committing treason against your entire nation to be a second-class citizen with their worst enemy is A-OK!

I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't for the part in Aethas' journal in the Felo'melorn quest chain that proves it's not just him, where it says that ALL of the Sunreavers believe as he and the Council of Six do, that it was all their own fault, and they're the ones who have to make reparations, and they're also tripping over each other to rejoin the Kirin Tor and be the humans' dogs fetching their slippers and newspaper and peeing outside.

The implications here are that the Blood Elves are inferior to the humans in every single way imaginable if they're willing to overlook the Kirin Tor proving THREE TIMES that they DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE BLOOD ELVES.

  1. Doing nothing while Garithos slated for execution their most powerful and noble heroic 15% who were there for the sole purpose of HELPING THE HUMANS. And Modera and Ansirem are both still on the Council.
  2. Doing nothing again while Jaina took Aethas' rightful statement that Dalaran was the Blood Elves' home too and that Jaina had no right to force them to leave, especially not without a meeting of the Council of Six to decide. This resulted in the murders, assault, and wrongful imprisonment of innocent civilians, as well as innocent combatants just defending themselves when the Silver Covenant expect them to take their word for it that the racist crazy Horde-hating Council of Six member said they could arrest the Sunreavers. That would be like the KKK walking up to a black person and saying "Hey, the president said we could arrest you, just trust us." and expecting the black person to just go along with it. Yeah. Not gonna happen.
  3. Then they willingly went along with Jaina's spiteful pursuit of the Blood Elves on the Isle of Thunder, claiming the Blood Elves were only there to kill the Thunder King for his loot, not to save Pandaria, and this was apparently evil of them and they had to be stopped. Then Jaina proved it by...claiming his loot...when the Pandaren said it was too dangerous and had to be destroyed. And Jaina didn't spout off a lot of idealistic nonsense about killing Lei Shen to save Pandaria either. Most of her words were to the effect of "the best part is that the Blood Elves don't get any of this stuff." And Modera herself was sadistically pleased at the thought of the Saurok killing Horde.
  4. Now in Legion, Modera is suddenly an advocate for the Blood Elves' return to Dalaran. Okay. And the Council has made it clear that they see the Blood Elves as the ones at fault for the Purge. I guess for...having someone in their ranks who wasn't completely loyal who acted without the knowledge of anyone else until it was too late for Aethas to do anything about it, with his entire race threatened with death?

And yet the Blood Elves still want to be in Dalaran.

At least in WotLK, they were there because the Kirin Tor needed them. In Legion, the Blood Elves have absolutely no incentive to be in Dalaran now, yet they're presented as though the Kirin Tor give off some powerful pheromone the Blood Elves are addicted to more than they ever were to magic, and if they go too long without the Kirin Tor's help on anything, they'll die.

Blizzard just can't seem to make anyone look good at anything, unless they take the foremost expert on that area, and make them completely dependent on the humans for it. In this case, magic. The thing that saturates every aspect of the Blood Elves' lives, that they study for hundreds or thousands of years. And they're always dependent on the almighty all-knowing 30-year old human magi of Dalaran.

So yeah. Not happy with Blizzard's treatment of Blood Elves lately.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it believable? Or is it a way for things to make sense in game? Something to think about this weekend.

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