Wednesday, August 3, 2016

No Techniques Are Off-Limits To Me, But You Hold Yourself Back

Wednesday and time for another list. What will this week's list be about though? Well I thought I would go with the best secret bosses in games. Going not only on notoriety, but in difficulty in defeating, and difficulty n unlocking. So here we go.

5. Cow King - Diablo II

So one of the best grinding spots in the game that you just have to be careful about not actually killing the king himself. Now the level itself has become the thing of legend.

4. The Lingering Will - Kingdom Heats 2.5 Remix

Only available in the remix version of the game, but that doesn't mean this boss doesn't pack a challenge. By far and away the most challenging boss in the series and one that doesn't allow for a bunch of satisfactions upon defeating

3. The Darklurker - Dark Souls II

The Souls series is known for its intense difficulty and the secret bosses don't disappoint in this category. This boss though also has the difficult task of summoning it. Lighting all the candles in the dungeon sounds simple enough, but then so does opening a chest and we know how that goes in Dark Souls.

2. Penance - Final Fantasy X

One if not the most difficult bosses in the Final Fantasy Series and that is not even including what it takes to be able to fight him. That being the defeat of all of the Dark Aeons the game has to offer. After doing so sit back and enjoy the 1 hour plus of the insane combat required to defeat it.

1. Akuma - Super Street Fighter II Turbo

So Akuma now is a main stay in the series, but this wasn't always the case. Unlocking this battle is probably the toughest around. Requires you to never continue and also defeating enemies 4 times being perfect. Doing so when getting to Bison Akuma defeats him with one hit and the battle is on.

There you have it in my mind the best secret bosses in gaming. What do you think? Did I miss any? As always let me know in one way or another.

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