Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Slay Dragons

Wednesday! So unless you live in a bubble you probably know No Man's Sky was released yesterday. You may also know it is one of the most hyped games of the year. Now at this time we don't know if this hype is all for nothing. In time we will know the answer to that. Now you are thinking what does this have to do with this week's list? Well how about the most over hyped games then ended up being pretty bad.

5. Duke Nukem Forever

The game was in development for over 15 years. Really the only reason this isn't higher on the list was a lot of gamers thought that would be a dead giveaway to the game failing. The thing is though many hoped nostalgia would draw people in. People bought it and pretty much everyone hated it.

4. Watch Dogs

So it was this large immersive world that we were excited about for years after its first E3 appearance. It promised so many things, while it did deliver these things you felt cheated because they were nowhere near as good as you hoped them to be. It really does boggle my mind that they are releasing a second game.

3. Destiny

So this was supposed to be a game that had the little things from every genre of game that people liked and put it into something every fans of those genres would enjoy. Problem? That was exactly what it is. It was only little things from every genre and the game feels forced. offers little to nothing original and well it is just awful.

2. Spore

Game that had goals to be something epic. Everything you heard about got you beyond excited to play. The similarities between the hype of this and No Man's Sky scares me. Instead of space this was based in single cell organisms. Really it just ended up being a collection of mini games that left it as a very lackluster experience

1. Lair

Anytime you mention hype this game pops up. I am not sure any game has ever been hyped more. The problem was it was a launch title and because PS2 was around so longer the difference in specs between console generations was huge. This game promised to use everything the PS3 had to offer the problem wasn't the story was bad or the game sucked it was that the controls were so aggravating that no one wanted to play the game because of massive amounts of frustration. There eventually was a patch to fix the control issues, but the damage was already done.

There you have it my list for the most overhyped games that just ended up not living up to any of it. Issues with my list? As always let me know in one way or another.

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