Friday, August 26, 2016

Hearthstone Raging

Friday! So time for a Reader Post and see what is going on with someone. This week's post comes to you from Vinne who is having some real issues with Hearthstone and the way it is currently played. It is weird I always seem to get this type of submissions from Hearthstone and I always end up using them. So have a read and let it be known what you think.

Hopefully you people can help me and provide me any advice on how to bring the fun back to Hearthstone, so I won’t stop playing it, cause it is definitely my favorite game. I don’t want quit playing, but I am feeling forced too.  I will try to explain my anger as good as I possibly can. Maybe you experienced it either and found a solution to keep the fun in the game.

I have been playing Hearthstone for like fourteen months, on average two to three hours daily, and I've gotten so much enjoyment out of the game. For me it is really the best game I ever played. I never became bored or tired playing, cause there are so many personal goals to achieve: collecting all cards, build your own unique and strong decks, collect all golden heroes, reach twelve wins in arena and finally, reach the Legendary Rank. My ultimate goal always has been reaching Legendary rank (or at least rank 5) with a control and funny deck. However, month after month I can't pass rank 6. 

I’m all fine with Rank 6, but not as it goes on the current meta. I am really, really, really tired facing Aggro Shaman after Aggro Shaman after Aggro Hunter after Aggro Hunter (and with less irritation Zoolock and Warrior Pirate). They always using the exact same fucking 30 cards as everyone else does. They keep hitting your face without any interaction. Today I went from Rank 6 and 4 stars to Rank 11. In all these lost ranks, I only faced ONE SINGLE control deck (and some fucking OTK warriors). And this is not the first time, for like 2-3 months I am quitting the game every day out of anger, thinking myself never going to play HS again. With some good hope and spirit I start the game again, arriving in the same shit again and again. At this point, I am really considering to give up all the goals I have (reach Rank 5+) And when I don't have goals, I just will quit HS forever. I once went from rank 15 to rank 6 in one day using Zoolock, noticing I easily can reach Legend with it, but I hate playing it, and I know other control players don’t like it as well. So going with the flow is not an option for me. Conceding one disgusting game after another against Shaman isn't an option as well.

If nothing will changed very soon (after the following OniK slots), or some Shaman and OTK nerfs will be announced very soon, I’m totally done with HS. Maybe you guys have experienced the same feelings and I am wondering how you dealt with these issues? I still see the potential and having so much enjoyment out of the game but at this moment I am forced to quit. 

You might say, just quit and stop raging, but I am finding some ways to keep on having fun. Any advice?

My advice is simple. It is a game have fun. It is how I play. I know certain decks are better to go further and I have played months trying to rank up as fast as possible. I have found more enjoyment in making fun and gimmic decks and just plateauing. Just have to decide if ranking is that important to you.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

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