Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I Would Never Again Grovel For A Place In This World

So Legion is here and what is the big deal everyone is talking about? Well that is all what this week's list is about. My top 5 things which have been added for Legion. Have a look.

5. PvP Online Abilities

In Legion if you were not aware you can unlock new talents with honor earned. This is something Blizzard has shied away from over the years making abilities PvP only but it does make it much easier to balance on the whole.

4. Artifacts

So instead of doing trying to please everyone by giving them the same legendary or allow classes to fell more important than others by offer specific class questlines and legendaries we have Artifacts. Weapons that are iconic and will be customizable so players will have the chance to feel somewhat original.

3. The Emerald Dream

Lore buffs have known about this place for years. For years we also expect and expansion based on it. I was always concerned that the content within the dream wouldn't be enough to support an entire expansion and in the end I guess I was right. Everyone will be able to step inside the dream through the raid instance The Emerald Nightmare. So get ready.

2. Class Orders

So remember all those suggestions and complaints about Garrisons? Well Blizzard seems to have taken them to heart with Class Orders. As it stands now everything most people liked about the Garrison will be within the Order and everything that seemed boring and tiresome will be gone.

1. The Lore

Now for those who know me this is to be expected. This is the Burning Legion we are talking about. There is so many iconic things we could be seeing and I just cannot wait to be a part of it. I'm ready are you?

There you have it, the best things coming in Legion as according to myself. Do you agree? As always let me know it one way or another.

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