Thursday, September 1, 2016

Simply Awesome

Thursday! This is normally the day where I go off about something that has been bothering me. Or go off about someone who has been saying something and it is driving me insane. So what is it this week? Well really it is none of those things.

As everyone knows World of Warcraft's new expansion was just released and really I have heard nothing bad about it at all. People all around the world are thrilled with it. One thing though that when I first heard about it that I wasn't completely on board about has surprised me.

Order Halls are something that seemed like an interesting idea, but the extent they have gone to make these what they are is something special. They make you feel like a true hero like you are what you always wanted to be in this game. After all you were the hero all these years that has killed the worlds biggest villains and really what did you get from it? Well you get a fancy weapon specific too you and a bunch of people that are looking up to you now.

The quests to get these weapons are fun and make you work for it. They intertwine the stories of the past to what is going on right now. Something I never thought Blizzard would do. They are above and beyond all of my expectations and that just isn't my inner fanboy talking.

Who knows maybe it is just everyone I have talked to or heard things from. If so please let me know. This really has the making of some great story telling coming our way, and I for one am beyond excited about it.

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