Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You Fail At Going Back To School If...

Fail Day! Yes it is Tuesday and following a long summer it is time for people to head back to school from everywhere. Now even though I have been out of school for quite some time now I still get this feeling on the day following Labour Day. On those days many things go through your mind besides school so here we go.

You Fail At Going Back To School If...

  • You didn't finish getting to 110 beforehand
  • You think you will still have time to get to 110 after
  • You don't have a plan to complete your Hearthstone Dailies
  • You didn't try all the big name games of the summer
  • You have no witty comment about No Man's Sky
  • You don't have a list of games you are getting in the next month
  • You have not made a decision if you are getting the next NHL game
  • You have more than 1 RPG currently uncompleted
  • You have no reasons to  explain why you are going to get or not get the new Final Fantasy
  • You have friends you avoided playing Call of Duty with all summer
  • You are friends with people who play Call of Duty

And Finally

  • You forgot you had school today

There you go this week's edition of fail, hope you all enjoyed it. For those going back to school enjoy for those who aren't well I know you are thinking about it.

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