Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rants Put To Use

I know this week I have talked about how there are plenty of fail features or consoles or all of these things in gaming. The fact of the matter is no matter what there are always going to be "bad" things in good games. Just like there will always be "good" things in bad games.

The most important things about both of those though is that developers and gamers alike realize that these things have happened. The greatest thing about modern games is that developers can fix mistakes they may have made instead of us having to live with them.

Sometimes we, as gamers, fail to realize what some of these companies have done for us. They listen to our feedback and suggestions and then move on. Now sometimes these requests go unanswered, but sometimes, and I would like to say most of the time, they make good on fixing things.

All of the examples on yesterdays list made good on fixing what was perceived as "bad". If you were to ask the developers directly about the mistakes they made in these certain circumstances I believe they would state directly it was from their communities feedback. That to me is something, which just shows game developers probably more so than anything else that is made listen to the consumer and want to improve.

Now games are a lot easier to change on the fly then other things with patches and such, but still it is not often that companies realize it was their mistake and they take the time to fix it. Normally the case is when a company makes a mistake you are forced to wait to the next iteration or have to pay to get the fix. Just take a minute to realize for a minute how lucky we are as gamers.

So with all the complaining and ranting I do. I guess it is nice to take a minute to thank the companies that make good on things when they have made a mistake, and I would like to think maybe even a little of my ranting has gone to good use.

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