Tuesday, September 27, 2016

You Fail At Thinking Sports Games Are New If...

Fail Day! Yes here we are once again the day of the week where we sit back and enjoy the rest of the world's failures. So what are we talking about this week? Sports games and gamer;s thoughts about them.

You Fail At Thinking Sports Games Are New If...

  • You don't think the biggest thing about them are roster updates
  • You believe the hype every year
  • You say it is not big deal when they removed something you liked
  • You think full price for an update is worth it
  • You think a feature is "new" when really they removed it 3 years ago
  • You think the best thing about them is online with horrible servers
  • You don't think it is a bad thing when each game doesn't have a competitor
  • You don't understand why these games have the worst trade in value of any game
  • You have no issue with the "we will fix it next year" attitude
  • You enjoy dealing with the same bugs year after year

And Finally

  • You don't believe anything I an saying

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and you don't fall victim to the the fail.

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