Friday, September 16, 2016

Have A Great Retirement

So it is Friday and while I received many Reader Posts about the new Heroes of the Storm Battleground, Legion Lore, and some random Civilization VI information. I felt I still owed something to Chris Metzen for the time he has put into the games I love. With that in mind I was reading through the forums and found a post by WarlordPL on the Heroes of the Storm forums which really speaks to the common gamer who was touch by him so have a read.


I'm one of those 'far' person you touched virtually. (Since I live in Canada and never got the chance to go to a BlizzCon and meet you in person). 

But I must say I grew up with those game you started to work on. I started with Warcraft 2, (When I was 14 here) and was playing over a 56k modem that took the phone line when I wanted to play 'via TCP' back in those days.... I am now 33. I guess times goes by for everyone...

Hmm... wait did Lost Vikings was before WC2 ? Because I also remember this very fun puzzle game on PC.

Well, back to you, I wish you all the happy 'slow' time with your family and friends. (And I'm sure you'll keep in touch with your close friends at Blizz too ;-) as a 'partial time' consultant over a beer on a Friday night once in a while.

Anyway, thanks for all the game, the lores and what you have given to those franchises. (I remember reading the small bribe of lore in the Warcraft 2 game manual and I think I remember your name once in a while).

Well, thanks for this heartly farewell, best of the retirement for you!

I think that says it all don't you think? Have a great weekend.

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