Wednesday, September 14, 2016

He Survived

On Monday we learned something that will not only change Blizzard video games, but is my belief it will be gaming as a whole. Chris Metzen is retiring. He isn't jumping ship to another company or anything like that at the age of 42 he is calling it quits. He wants to enjoy his time with his family something he has earned the right to do. It doesn't mean us gamers cannot be sad for it. So for this week's list I decided to put together my favourite Chris Metzen moments.

5. Thrall's opening Words

Warcraft III was an amazing game. Not just because it mixed up the way the genre was played, but because it had a story for us to remember. A story that formed the basis for World of Warcraft as we know today. Thrall's words spoken by Metzen were what started it all.

4. Overwatch Reveal

I have never seen any game developer be so excited for the reveal of a game. They enthusiasm and the pride in his voice was something that I wasn't expecting nor accustomed to. It really was something to see and that was before we even got the cinematic.

3. Red Shirt Guy Returns

So the previous year the infamous "red shirt guy" you could say slightly embarrassed Chris Metzen with his questions about Falstad. The following year before he got any questions out Chris Metzen walked the audience to hug the guy for being such a super fan.

2. Geek Is

During the Blizzcon in 2010 Chris Metzen made a speech that will go down in the history of Gaming Culture. He showed pride in his past, present, and future and how it all unfolded. Let everyone in the audience and those at home know that there are much others like you and you all showed be proud of who and what you are.

1. Red Shirt Guy Owns Him

I wasn't sure this was going to be number one, but it had to be. We all know what happened and we all will forever know what happened. The moment itself is immortalized within the game with the "Ironforge Fact Checker" and the words "isn't Falstad dead?" are ones that will be forever be etched in our memories.

There you have it this week's list. I know all of you have plenty of moments to be remembered involving Chris Metzen. Share them and be sure to let him know everything he has brought to the gaming world as a whole.

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