Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Clean, Simple, Devious

Wednesday is here and the middle of the week of the first week of school is here. So what does school and gaming have to do with each other? Well there are those games that I played while I was in residence in university. So I figured I would give you all my top 5 games I played in residence.

5. Unreal Tournament 

Game which first caught on in my residence where we would face off against the other floors of the residence. Turned into quite the battle and bragging rights all throughout the residence. 

4. Age of Empires II

Game which we played for a few weeks because a few other members in the residence were tired of getting owned in another RTS. Game which is fun, but not balanced didn't work out too well for people who were new to the game.

3. Diablo II

Played mostly with a couple others on the floor while we slayed demons again and again in preparation for the soon to be released expansion Lord of Destruction.

2. Counterstrike

This game became the most house involved game. It turned into a massive war between people screaming and yelling across the hall no matter if you were the terrorists or not. Didn't help that you could watch everything unfold after you were killed.

1. Starcraft Brood War

I had loved Starcraft before I went to university, but this made me love it even more. It also allowed me to learn from others more than I ever had. The people I had played with earlier weren't near to the same level as others in my residence. This experience also got me into the eSports scene that I love today. So without this none of that would have been possible.

There you have it my top 5 games I played in my university residence. What were yours? Or what are yours currently? As always let me know in one way or another.

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