Tuesday, September 13, 2016

You Fail At Being Ready For Machines Of War If...

Fail Day! Yes I am at it once again and there is no way to stop me. So what are people failing about this week? Well I thought I had not talked about Heroes of the Storm in awhile and plus with the new event starting what better time.

You Fail At Being Ready For Machines Of War If...

  • You have no clue what I am talking about
  • You didn't know this is a Starcraft themed event
  • You are not ready to own it up with Alarak
  • You have no idea who Alarak is
  • You aren't going to take joy in killing SCVs at the start of the game
  • You are one of those players who thinks nukes are dumb
  • You don't like nukes
  • You some how don't like nukes
  • You don't think it is genius to have a Butcher Ultralisk skin
  • You don't believe Rexxar could be part of Raynor's Raiders
  • You are not wondering why Zarya is part of the this event and not Fenix
  • You don't remember when Blizzard said they made Fenix, but chose at the time not to release him
  • You think you can make an all Protoss team

And Finally

  • You have no interest in playing

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe I will see you in the Nexus.

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