Friday, September 30, 2016

Nightborne And The Night Elves

Friday is here and besides wondering where in the hell September went we look towards what is going on with this week's Reader Post. So what is on tap for this week's post? Well it has everything to do what the Nightborne will think about the Night Elves post Elisande. Well Mace is wondering the same thing so I am happy to let him take over.

I wonder how the Nightborne will actually regard the Night elves, who are actually the group that left Suramar to fight Azshara, and they won. Will they be ashamed that they hid under a shield? Would they venerate them? The Nightborne Thaedris Feathermoon seems to indicate that the Nightborne venerate the night elves who lost their lives defending the city. Which makes me wonder if they'll actually view the current night elves with awe - post Elisande ofc.. cos currently under Elisande, the loyalists seem to be the ones with the voice and they just look down on every one, like everyone. Therefore those who oppose them have been humbled and had to put away whatever arrogance they may have had to accept help, and as such will have more of an open and less judgmental mind especially after others have seen them grovelling for mana on the brink of death and have helped them. Thalyssra and the Nightborne alongside the rebels will never have that undiluted arrogance the loyalists and especially the Felsworn bunch have. 

I know how the Night elves view them, Valewalker Farodin, The Moonguard and Tyrande's views are being shown, and it seems to be endearing, the Valewalker really likes them and is confident they can be fully saved and are worth the efforts, the Val'sharah night elves and the Moonguard remnant have also found refuge under Thalysrra's wings and help the rebellion - Tyrande is upset with them, but it seems the kind of upset of a person who deeply cares and has been disappointed with a well loved family member they expected much better from is, it doesn't come off as a hate or disdain, but rather anger at a sibling who's been behaving foolishly - at least that's how it comes off to me. 

What I wonder is how the Nightborne populace will view their kin.. no one has really celebrated the Night elves victory over the Legion, twice - I wonder if the Nightborne under Thalyssra will find new heroes in their ancient kin who are from their city after all and probably have relations. I wonder if their memory is the stuff of Legends - The young High priestess who was thought killed before her time - the novel should be interesting. I wonder.. do you?

Well? definitely food for thought for the weekend. Enjoy!

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