Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Not only are you realizing that your weekend is about to end, but you are also realizing that what you heard about Chris Metzen wasn't a dream it has happened. So while you realizing that why don't we get to the questions for the week.

Will Chris Metzen's departure mean the end of the lore in Warcraft?

I am sure the story and the plan has been written for quite some time. They don't change the story week to week they know where it is going. The one thing I will say though it makes sense with how Starcraft II ended. That is the ending of the Raynor and Kerrigan story arc the perfect time to end his involvement. Diablo III is also in a spot where most of the leftover arcs are wrapped up so the story would be fresh and the perfect time for someone not involved with the old to start the new.

Final Fantasy XII remake coming in 2017 your thoughts?

I am excited about it, but I am iffy about the changes. That is not to say that I will not be buying it because I will be. As with FFX and X-2 I hope they give the option to choose the way to play through the game. Not that I think the international system is bad, but I enjoy the fact you could choose the job your character uses throughout the game mostly because different parts of the game require different jobs mostly due to hunts. Who knows though I might like it if I just treat it as a new game.

NHL 17 you getting it?

Will play, but as stated before I don't buy sports games anymore.

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you got something out of it in one way or another, and now you may enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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