Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes, it is Sunday again and your weekend is once again coming to a close. Yes there is plenty of time as always to be depressed in one way or another, but before you get there why not sit back and enjoy the questions I have picked this week. 

So who do you think the whispers from Il'gynoth are from?

Well the ones I think are really up for debate are "The boy king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." and "The lord of ravens will turn the key". So who then? Well besides Wrathion being the boy king you could also look to Anduin. The question remains though if it is Anduin what about the comic with him on Argus fighting for the side of the light? Or is this a misdirection completely. Meaning he is a slave to the light. The lord of ravens seems to obvious to be Medivh, we do know Medivh was essential to bringing the Legion minions the orcs to Azeroth in the first place. Problem being what about his former apprentice Khadgar? We have seen on many occasions he used the same raven form as Medivh. Just some food for thought I guess.

Is Jania more powerful than Khadgar?

I don't even think it is close. Just like Khadgar is nothing to Medivh. Now that was due to him being granted Guardian powers. Medivh's powers could still be transferred to someone at some point, but the fact he was basically "buffed" changes what is actually attainable. Khadgar was chosen because of his potential something that wasn't seen in a very long time by Antonidas and the council of six. He later traned Jaina and nothing was ever mentioned of her potential. I know people use the bomb exposure to say how Jania might also be "buffed", but I just don't see the argument with all the other available evidence. 

How Old are the Old Gods?

Well Old.

There they are questions all answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of them in some way or another. Thank you to everyone who sent in something as always this would not be possible without all of your input. You may not feel free to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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