Friday, September 9, 2016

Future Races

Friday, and with Friday comes thoughts of the weekend and well the Reader Post around here. If you were not aware there is a new Warcraft expansion out. What comes with every expansion? Ideas for the next expansion. Most of the time it always has to do with new races or classes. Since a new class was added with Legion it comes to the idea of new races being added in the next expansion. Mace has plenty ideas for that going forward. So have a read.

Is it me or do people don't like the idea of Vrykul being playable? or don't want them alliance? Vrykul sound very horde, victory or death is so orc like, they'd fit well into the horde, but I think people don't like Vrykul on the Horde cause it's another Alliance based race and as such feel they should be on the alliance while the horde should be looking at fresh new race concepts like ethereals or horde related ones like Ogres or even Arrakkoa.. but I think it's a bit silly, because we shouldn't view every body in terms of Horde and Alliance just because a member of a race is in one faction doesn't mean all have to be. Take Nightborne, they are a different kind of Night Elf, they don't have to join the Alliance, they could join the Horde, didn't the Blood Elves leave the alliance to join the horde too, so they switched sides. What does it matter if Vrykul or Kvaldir are on Horde or Alliance? you still get to play them if they become playable.

However from where I stand, the Kvaldir are looking sweet with the forsaken. The Vrykul initially didn't like the humans, but they followed the Human Lich King, and of course now it's the a strong human connection to the Halls of Valor - the Vrykul just respect strength, so they'll be fine if humans show strength, which they always do in wow - it's not like the alliance has weak races, miniature, but not weak. Well Draenei and Night Elves aren't miniature. Vrykul and Kvaldir would be good counterparts as sub-races. Even as full races, they could introduce them both. But you need something like that.

I'm not sure Blizzard will ever do a Pandaren again, if a race is going to be on both sides, they are going to have to also be physically distinct. So if we had night elves on both sides, Night Elves would be on alliance, Nightborne on horde. Vrykul on Alliance Kvaldir on Horde, they'd only do it like that. They wouldn't do something like High Elves on alliance, Blood Elves on horde, because they look the same, unless they maybe gave Nightborne on both sides, which I've just stated they don't want to do.

But who knows, they are entitled to change their mind. I would say the best option is sub-races, and do to races in next expac what they did to classes, so you have racial halls i.e. capitals, mini quests and race themed quests that explore the new sub-races and the role of the race in the new expansion. WoW races are big enough to each be factions on their own.. think about it. Look at the family associated with each race

Draenei: Broken, Man'ari Eredar (Illidari), Draenei Eredar, Lost Ones
Orcs: Half-orcs, Mok'nathal, Mag'har, Dragonmaw, Blackrock, Hellfire 
Humans: Half-elves, Vrykul, Azotha, Stormwind Human, Kul'Tirasian, Gilnean, Alterac
Forsaken: Undead, undead half-elf, Kvaldir, Undead Azotha
Worgen: Night Elf worgen, human worgen, blackhowl worgen
Troll: Darkspear Troll, Zandalari Troll, Drakkari Troll, Raventusk Forest Troll or Amani
Dwarf: Ironforge dwarf, Dark Iron, Wildhammer, Frost Dwarf, Earthen
Tauren: Yaungol, Tauren, Taunka, Highmountain
Gnome: Mechagnome, Gnome, Leper Gnome
Goblin: Gilgoblin, Bilgewater/Steamwheedle/Blackraider/Venture Co etc cartels, Tinker Goblins
Night Elf: Nightborne, Night Elf, Highborne, Cenarion (dryad/keepers)
Blood Elf: Half Elf, High Elf, Blood Elf, Darkfallen

Each group has at least 3, some have like 5 or more, this is incredible diversity in each race, notice how there are several cultures within each racial groups, differing looks physiological variations - they are diverse enough to be factions of their own, they need to use this, and whiles all will not be plalyable, they can have a role in the affairs of the race they are associated, whether as friends or enemies. e.g. High Elf will always be part of the Blood Elf group or vice versa, regardless of whether they are friends or enemies. or even on different factions, every time you see High elves around you are seeing Blood Elf lore expanded and vice versa 

It would be nice if Blizzard really made use of this, and you saw a lot more interaction, i love what they've done with classes, if they repeat the same with races, that would be really cool.

Well thoughts?

As always thanks to everyone who submitted a post, this would not be possible without all of you. Enjoy your weekend!

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