Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Got 99 Problems And My Name Is One

Wednesday. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad just like features in a video game. Now some times great games have horrible features that are removed and the communities rejoice. So that is exactly what this week's list is all about.

5. Minecraft - Infinite Water

Well this speaks for itself. The water would randomly update underground and cause serious problems while building, and would rise much higher than should have been possible. While this resulted in many hilarious videos wasn't good for the game as a whole.

4. World of Warcraft - Respec cost

One thing that was in WoW for way too long was the cost to change your spec that would increase based on how often you did it. This would basically penalize you if you were let's say PvPing and Raiding or changing your spec for your raid and so on and so forth. It was just a pointless gold sink that any player was glad when was removed.

3. Diablo III - Auction House

Something that has been talked about time and time again. The issue wasn't with the auction house itself it was that loot drops were inconsistent because of the Auction House. The whole thing was creating so trading could still be a central focus to the game even if it was automated. What Blizzard realized was if they fixed loot no one would miss trading and the game would be better for it, which is exactly what they did.

2. SimCity - Online

When SimCity launch it was coming off of massive success in its city building environment. The problem with it was that when they decided it was going to be always online they were not prepared with the servers they had ready and it resulted in one of the worst launches in the history of gaming. This caused them to months later to remove the online only requirement and also leaves the series in general in jeopardy.

1. Xbox One - Used Games

When the Xbox One was revealed they had all these features all of which didn't go over well with consumers. The one that caused the biggest problem was restricting games to one user. Basically making you unable to share a game with a friend or trade it in for other games later on. This caused an enormous outrage and something Microsoft eventually realized was a mistake and removed.

There it is. Do you agree or disagree? Any other bad features in good games you were glad when they were finally removed? Let me know one way or another.

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