Thursday, February 16, 2012

Duos To Remember

I was catching up on some Know Your Lore over at WoW Insider. The post was dealing with the writers opinion of the greatest duos there are. Now I had to agree with him and his view of Cairne and Baine as one of the best if not the best. Why? Well I am Tauren favoured, but also how their relationship seems to be the entire sought after Father Son relationship. I think The Shattering made everyone even non horde players think of Cairne in a different light, and I think that had a lot to do with Baine.

Now there were others that were listed in the article, but I immediately tried to think of those who were not mentioned. So here goes my attempt at some.

Koltira and Thassarian

I found their friendship one of the most powerful relationship in the game. Despite the different factions that they represent, and being at opposite ends of a conflict in which the goal is to destroy the other. They find a way. In the Plaguelands, sure, they're going on about fighting each other but you can tell there's no enmity or hatred, that it's just friendly banter, no matter how serious they are. I have not played the Alliance side of that questline, so may be wrong, but when Koltira gets captured, Thassarian does decide to go save his ass.

Tyrande and Malfurion

This to me is an interesting one. Why? Because it has always seemed that Malfurion has always cared for Azeroth more than he cares for Tyrande. This was one of the reasons I always found myself siding with Illidan. These two are supposed to be the greatest love story in lore. I don't see it. In fact I always thought that Arthas and Jaina were much more than them, not to mention Turalyon and Alleria. In Warcraft III you saw this relationship for what it was supposed to be. Mates that would do anything for their world so they could live in it with each other. It has changed since then where it doesn't seem to matter that they are together anymore, it just matters that the world is saved, which seems weird because they finally got married.

Alextrasza and Korialstrasz

It baffles my mind how this relationship was never mentioned in the article. This to me surpasses everything. This is truly a relationship where one would do anything to protect the other, show love, or serve. Even if it were to mean death, and in the end it did. Korialstrasz did sacrifice himself in service of his queen, even if he loved her so to preserve her role in the world as the Life-Binder. For all those that complain how Knaak writes his characters he wrote the story between the two of them beautifully.

There you have it. Three I thought were missing from the list. Now there are more, but I think these are ones that should have been mentioned.