Monday, February 13, 2012

The Hills have Eggs

Monday, yes I know I signed when I typed that just like you did when you read it. This week though I decided to not go on and on about how everyone hates Monday's and how they are depressing and that this post idea was created to get out of that funk. Nope I am not going to do it. Instead I am just going to lead into the Machinima. That's right today is Machinima Monday and this week I have quite the Machinima for you courtesy of Olibith. It is called "The Hills have Eggs" you may have seen it because it has been out for some time, but if you haven't and have about 15 minutes to kill you won't be disappointed. I will leave it at that because you are bound to be impressed.

See I knew you would like it!


  1. that was a little weird

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