Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Fail At Diablo If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! The day where it is time to feel better about yourself because of others misfortune. Oh what a wonderful life we live isn't it. Today we are going to venture into the world of Diablo which some of you may or not be familiar with, and if you aren't then isn't Fail Day the perfect way to learn about it? So let's get right to it.

You Fail At Diablo If...
  • You don't know who Dekard Cain is
  • You are unfamiliar with the world of Sanctuary
  • You believe Heaven is good and Hell is bad
  • You are in doubt what the spawn of an Angel and a Demon would be
  • You don't believe it is possible for random demons to spawn out of mid air
  • You think the laws of physics apply to this world
  • You cannot believe religion can be dark
  • You do not know who the primal evils are
  • You don't think Tyrael is one of the coolest looking gaming characters
  • You think it is not all about the loot
  • You cannot spam click
  • You think Leah is really Dekard's Uncle
and finally
  • You don't check for a release of the release date on a daily basis
And there you have it. This week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. And who knows maybe this will be the week of a release date announcement. Probably not, but we can all hope can we not.

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