Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh How Things Connect

First of all before you read this rather enjoyable Daily Blink, I think it is worth saluting all those who participated in the WoW Iron Man Challenge. If you were unaware this was going it I will give a basic explanation. You had to level a character using no benefits like no guild, groups, RAF, Talents etc. Also you could only use items which were white or grey. Sounds pretty intense right? Well there was also this thing that if you died then you had to start over from the beginning. With all that explained now read this and all of its hilarity.

Oh I know you are laughing, because who doesn't love a Diablo III release joke. Especially when you are asked at least 30 times a day if you have heard anything.


  1. Pretty sure the end of the world will come first

  2. The day gauss rolls a ret pally will come sooner then Diablo 3's Release.

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