Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Printing Money??

So yesterday the "Heart of The Aspects" mount became available. This to me is obviously the best looking mount they have ever made to be purchased in the Blizzard Store. If you haven't seen the mount here is what it looks like.

Now being an MMO it seems a little weird to buy a mount for the purpose of advancing your character. I know it doesn't give an unfair advantage so it doesn't really apply, but still. The only exception to me would be if the money itself goes to charity, which is why I have bought a few of the pets. Regardless of that many people like to purchase these mounts.2 As you probably know they cost $25 a piece. With that in mind you may wonder how much money Blizzard makes off of these mounts. Well here is a little idea. Within 5 minutes on the North American store it looked like this

That is 40226 x $25 = $1,005,650. That is right over a million dollars. So it is safe to say that making a mount like this is a license to print money


  1. Yet another mount that takes up space on mailboxes and NPC's. blizzard needs to make a no mount zone around mailboxes and NPC's with whom you need to interact.

  2. Also more trade chat spam of people wanting to gift you the new mount for a sum of X amount of in game gold.
    60K on Icecrown
    100K on Illidan

  3. Soon enough someone will make a "That retarded Dragon" video

  4. Obviously they didn't actually make a million dollars. It costs money to produce, you know.