Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Fail At Knowing Who Said At If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time again. Is it weird I get excited writing these posts because I look forward to all the emails I will get about them? All is well. Today though we are going to do this a little different. Many of you have been asking for awhile that I should do another quiz type thing with quotes from people in Warcraft Lore. I thought that was a good idea until I thought I would incorporate it into a Fail Post. So sit back and enjoy the plenty of Fail which will be on the way.

You Fail At Knowing Who Said That If...
  • You are not and never will be prepared when he said "You are not prepared!"
  • You can't place "We have all lost... a great deal in this conflict, but we stand to lose EVERYTHING if we do not stop fighting and work together!" even if you have seen it in a trailers 100s of times
  • Even if he has killed you multitude of times you have no clue he said "It is done! All that which must be given has been given, I now seal the Dragon Soul forever!"
  • You still don't know who said "Your friends will abandon you."even if it has happened to you in game and out.
  • You died to this numerous times, but still unsure who yelled "Note to self: Cannon highly effective against flesh."
  • You some how don't know who said this probably one of the greatest one liners in WoW "Am I a murderer, Krom'gar?"
  • You have not been around Warcraft Lore long enough to know who said these words which forever changed the world "Succeeding you, father..."
  • "Death to the outsiders!" does give you bad memories of endless wipes
  • You never got to experience one of the greatest boss entries when this was said "See your world through my eyes: A universe so vast as to be immeasurable - incomprehensible even to your greatest minds."
  • You have been threatened so much the words "BURN YOU MISERABLE WRETCHES!" don't ring a bell
  • You some how didn't live out the pleasure of "Scurry."
  • You are still somewhat creeped out by these words "Chaos...Madness..It's like a hug for your brain."
  • You don't chuckle every time you see this quote from her "Long ago, I swore to protect this land, Malfurion. I never had the luxury of sleeping through times of great peril."
  • You forgot the inspiration these words brought "Now, you said that your warchief was in trouble – that the Horde needed the tauren once again. Well, Thrall did much for us in his time, and we will not fail him. My warriors will rendezvous with the warchief upon the battlefield, but I will be returning with YOU!"
and finally
  • You must live under a rock because you have no clue who started this saying "Merely a setback"
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. How many did you get? Did you fail miserably? And honestly how many did you google?


  1. I still have nightmares about cho'gall

  2. I only got nine. Middle of the pack I guess. I didn't Google the others either, though I may yet. Not sure where that puts me on the old fail scale.

  3. Is "Succeeding you, father..." Arthas?

  4. I think it really depends on which you got wrong. Some of them are a little difficult, but some of them are beyond easy