Monday, February 20, 2012

Home, Sweet Andorhal

Happy Monday morning. Today is a happy Monday for me because well here it is a holiday. Anytime you get a day off is a great day. Even so today is Monday so it still is Machinima Monday regardless and we will be showcasing one today. I decided to go with one I believe I have showcased before and if not I know you are all familar with how much I enjoy Melvenor's lore shorts. I will go far as to say his are the best Lore Machinima for Warcraft there are. The name of the Machinima I will be showing today is called Home, Sweet Andorhal. It is part of his Faces of Cataclysm series and in my opinion is one of the best Machinima's I have ever seen. I am actually still upset that Blizzard didn't even consider it for Blizzcon 2010, but that is long past. So sit back and enjoy this mastery of work.

See told you it was epic!


  1. I agree one of the best made and always will be i nmy books

  2. I simply adore this one. I agree one of the best if not the best ever