Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Final Fantasy Is Not Linear?

So yesterday if you didn't know Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out, and if you didn't know I am a big fan of the series. Over the years playing you come to expect a story, which is extremely well written, but for the most part is a very linear progression of a game. Sure there are always moments where you can somewhat venture off, but the result is you always go back to where you should have been to progress through the main story's path. I have never had a problem with this style, but I know over the years people have seen non-linearity in other games and questioned why this sort of style was not at least somewhat implemented. Well those people got their wish and for me a die hard fan I don't mind it.

The game offers the opportunity to jump through time after you open gates to these periods. Sure there is one main story arc, but you don't have to take that path if you don't wish. The fact of the matter is you actually don't know which path is the true path so you find yourself almost searching for what is the true result. This to me is the perfectly example of time travel. You go changing the past going to the future and you actually don't know how the results of your travel will effect the world itself. Brilliantly done, and I think this installment of the game was the perfect choice to choose such a style.

Now besides the that the game has everything a Final Fantasy game has. Graphics, which are some of the best around, soundtrack development that is top notch, and an epic story. The battle and leveling system have returned from part one, which makes sense, but if you were expecting something different you won't be getting it. There are some additions and improvements to either system, but for the most part they are the same. Meaning if you played part one you won't have to learn something completely new, you just have to learn the new parts of either system.

So if you are already playing it you know exactly what I mean, and if you were thinking about purchasing it or not, hope this helps sway your decision.


  1. Cannot get it here for another couple days, but from the looks and sounds of everything it is looing pretty amazing. Jealous of the fact you will have a couple day lead on me.

  2. There's honestly three things I want to know:

    1. Is the story more interesting this time? I really got sick of the game's narrative when, by the second half, every single cutscene had one or more party members spouting out an abridged version of the entire plot...a plot which was never that interesting in the first place.

    2. In combat, can players change control of individual characters? The inability to switch which character I controlled was a huge turn-off in FF13.

    3. I suppose you may have to play through the game much longer to have an answer for this, but...I'd like to know if FF13-2, like FF13, requires a party which has all six classes.

    For example...In FF13, I found the Sentinel class to be boring and obnoxious to have in a party. When it came time for me to form my own party, I went with a group that had no Sentinels (Lightning, Sazh, Vanille). Many bosses had attacks which we're supposed to barely live through with the aid of a Sentinel, and I had the infuriating task of trying to figure out how to barely survive without one.

  3. So far there is just the normal FF thinking narratives nothing to the extreme as you are refering to as in FF13 in every chapter. To me time travel is and always will be interesting, the basis of the story is for Serah to find Lightning who is lost somewhere in time and/or space.

    In regards to player control it still works with a party leader system, but with a few changes. You can switch your party leader in combat, and unlike FF13 it is not game over when your party leader dies(someone casting Death on you for example) the control switches to the remaining character. Also in regards to the battle system there is action events which require you to have quick reflexs to press certain buttons on your controler to either dodge attacks or take advantage of an enemy weakness. These are something I have enjoyed much more.

    All 6 classes as of yet have not been required. I have done so shifting to get damage mitigation back and forth. Did you never shift in FF13? If that is the case the game must have been extremely difficult especially for raising the damage gauge or for buffing and healing. Maybe this is something I enjoying doing just like Stance dancing as a warrior in WoW.

  4. Well, Yeah, I definitely took advantage of Paradigm Shifting. The problem was more that I found one particular class to be lacking in fun-factor. My preferred group was:

    Lightning (Commando, Ravager, Medic)
    Sazh (Commando, Ravager, Synergist)
    Vanille (Ravager, Medic, Saboteur)

    None of them have Sentinel as a primary class - a decision I rode out hard-headedly to the end of the game. I didn't bother using Crystarium Points to fill out secondary classes, as it would have required a nice bit of grinding. Thus, I was gimped in combat.

    In any case, the things you've told me sound *quite* attractive. I suppose I'll have to try it. ...damnit. :P