Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yak Mount?

So it was recently confirmed by Bashiok that the Yak we saw in the screenshot of Mists of Pandaria will actually be available for a mount. If you haven't seen the screen

This being confirmed is leaving to all sorts of speculation that this will be the Pandren's offical mount. This I really doubt as it just doesn't seem to fit at all. I believe this will be something more like the mammoths were in Northrend. This would also open the doors for them to create a new Travelers mount which has more useful materials. This does lead into, what is the Pandaren mount going to be? There has been talk of a dragon, frog, a rickshaw, and then there is the people who think it could even be a giant red ball. Of all of those I would love to see a dragon type mount. Obviously it cannot be a dragon as we currently know it in WoW, because that wouldn't make too much sense. It can be something which is a dragon like serpent, which in my opinion would be nothing sort of epic.


  1. That looks like it will be another mount I will get stuck in places with.

    1. I dunno, Yaks are a pretty traditional type of animal in the Plateau regions of Asia, I can't think of anything else that might be suitable to be honest. A Yangtze river dolphin lacks useable limbs. Tigers might fit I guess but we have simalar with the Nelves. Ok, its a bit huge...but is it really that much bigger that a Taurens mount?

      Now, winged serpants as flying mounts, that i'd buy into.