Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Fail At Valentine's Day If...

Today is Fail Day, but since it is Valentine's Day we are going to do this a little differently. How you say? Well we are going to do it about Valentine's Day. So sit back and enjoy.

You Fail At Valentine's Day If...
  • You think it is not a commercial holiday
  • You believe your wife/girlfriend won't care if you don't recognize the day
  • When you get a bottle of perfume or cologne you spastically spray it at everyone who comes close to you
  • You don't understand why this day is called "GFS Day" by many married people
  • You are still questioning why you paid $50 for that dozen roses
  • You sit beside a picnic basket in the middle of a park with a sign saying "looking for love"
  • You dress up like Cupid and shoot people with arrows in an effort to find someone
  • You decide the need for a reservation is useless
  • When you open a box of chocolates you wonder why there was no gold inside
  • You don't like cinnamon heats
  • You tried to pickup a card this morning because you forgot what today was
and finally
  • You believed them when they said "all they really want for Valentine's Day was you"
Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hopefully you don't fail this bad today!

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  1. The key to having a sucessful Valentines is to do whatever your other half wants