Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is that day again. The day where we realize that although our weekend is still around it is coming  to a close, and the dreaded Monday is only around the corner. But, let's forget about that and remember that today is Sunday and with that comes Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. So why don't I do it.

Now this way seem weird, but I know Ask Gauss is on Sunday, which is April first so I want to know which April fools joke of Blizzard was your favourite?

Well that is simple the Zergotchi was brillant in everyway. If you haven't seen it you can check it out by clicking on this link. Sometimes I wonder though how much though goes into these. Do the developers sit around a table and think this stuff up? And if that is the case how long does this take? Now I know they are funny and great for a laugh, and sometimes in the future things can be made out of them. Look at the Panderen for example. They started out as an April Fools joke for Warcraft III. Just makes you think if Blizzard is actually seeing how far they can go and this is why they actually put a good amount of effort into these.

Inferno Difficulty has been changed, and what are your thoughts?

For those who didn't know. The original plan for Diablo IIIs Inferno difficulty was that after you reached Level 60 you would be able to complete the game now in such a way that the minimum monster level in Inferno was 61. Also the original plan was that they challenge would remain the same throughout all of Inferno. This has been changed so that there is also a difficulty curve going through Inferno. Meaning that it won't start as hard as it was, but it will finish harder. They feel this will make people want to finish all of inferno not only for the challenge, but also for the fact that the best gear will now drop in late Inferno. Now it has also been stated that Inferno will still be extremely difficult in all cases and won't be for the everyday player.

I am all for a harder challenge especially one that doesn't seem stagnant, which I think would be the case with a constant difficulty. Think of it this way. If it is not getting any harder why am I going to push myself and not just do the bosses I know over and over again? For the risk there is no reward, but now there is reward and an even greater challenge. I look forward to dying constantly attempting this.

What you hoping for this week?

Could really go for some Lindor Easter Chocolate.

There you have it. Questions answered for the week, and be sure not to fall victim to some April Fools pranks.


  1. I actually like the Diablo III on Wii the best