Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best Video Game Quotes

So here I was thinking what I was going to write about today. When I realized I had not done a list of some sort in a long time. So long I cannot even remember the last time I did one. I then got to thinking what could I actually do a list on? Well why not think of as the best video game quotes of all time. These are not just going to be ones that I think are funny, because really there are tons of those. These are going to be ones that even even you didn't play the game the words behind them, and what they have become cannot be argued. So here are 10 in no particular order.

"Do a barrel roll" - Star Fox 64

This quote although meant at the time to be a hilarious. A plane doing a barrel roll? Has taken on a life of its own over the years. There has been songs and videos created in tribute over and over. Some people don't even known where the quote came from in the first place.

"Finish Him!" - Mortal Kombat

Is there a line in any fighting game that is more iconic? Regardless if you have ever played a Mortal Kombat game or if you despise Mortal Kombat with a passion you know, and realize this line in gaming's history

"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee." - Skyrim

Now I know how people may feel about this particular line, but there is no arguing the life it has taken on. It has become a cult in its own right and I do not think that can be discounted.

"The Cake is a Lie" - Portal

The Portal series itself is full of quotes that no one will soon ever forget. I have always found though this one has stuck out more than any other. Who knows maybe it has something to do with it being written on a wall right beside a corpse. Regardless this is one I really don't think anyone can argue against.

"All right chums, time's up let's do this...LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIINS!!!!!!" - WoW

When sitting right thinking which line I should choose from WoW. I was stuck on trying to determine what is the line that sticks out in everyone's head. The thing is it is not something an NPC said, but a moment in history which will never be forgotten.

"I dreamt I was a moron" -Final Fantasy VIII

You could have played every Final Fantasy game ever made over and over. There will be quotes that will be epic in nature, well spoken, evil, charismatic, but there will only be one quote where when it was said you laughed for hours, and agreed with the character wholeheartedly.

"Stay awhile and listen" - Diablo

Oh Deckard Cain what would the world be like if you never existed? I honestly believe if everyone started talking to people like this more people would listen because they would think what was coming next would have to do with Diablo.

"Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle" -Super Mario Brothers

If you have ever played a video game you know who Mario is, and you know that his damn princess gets captured at every possible moment. This to me may even be the most memorable video game quote in history.

"You're an inspiration for birth control" - Duke Nukem

Duke has had plenty of lines over the years, but I think this is one of those ones you wish you could scream out in public more often then not. For this reason it is the one that makes the list.

"My life for Aiur" -Starcraft

Starcraft being a series that has taken joke lines from comedians, other games, or anything really. This I believe is something which will always be remembered. No matter how much you hate the zealot, you were happy when he warped in and said it.

There you have it. Think you know some better. I am sure you will let me know!


  1. "In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No. A man chooses; a slave obeys." - Andrew Ryan from Bioshock. Really believe that deserves to be on any list

  2. "..." Link speaks it all the time

  3. "Does this unit have a soul?" - Mass Effect 3. Only thing in a video game to actually make me sad.