Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Fail At Being An Old School Gamer If...

Tuesday! Otherwise known as the day that holds true in each one of our hearts, Fail Day. Yes it is that time once again when we will either feel horrible or laugh uncontrollably at someone else's misfortune. Such a wonderful day... This week I decided to go with one that I have been thinking of doing for awhile and I think that many of you will appreciate it. So here goes

You Fail At Being An Old School Gamer If...

  • You don't crack a smile when you see the words "A Slime draws near!"
  • You remember Mario before he was Super
  • You broke many controls out of frustration because gaming companies could careless if their games were beaten
  • You don't laugh when playing Final Fantasy 7 thinking how revolutionary the graphics used to be
  • You find the Xbox vs Playstation war more exciting than the Nintendo vs Sega one
  • You didn't know Playstation had a mascot when it first arrived 
  • You have no idea what the Turbo Graphics 16 was and how badly it failed
  • You don't know why gamer's cry tears for "Lester" and his encounter with the Zerg race
  • You remember Solider of Fortune coming out and the outcry of how over violent it was
  • You don't think Demon Souls is a walk in the park compared Nightmare Creatures
  • You don't understand why people look down on Halo players
  • "Ready to Work" means nothing to you
  • You think changing more then background colour is needed to show you it is a new level
  • You never scared your siblings with visions of The Butcher saying "Fresh Meat"
and finally
  • You have never heard of or played Giana Sisters for Commodore 64
There you have it. This week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. LOL awesome! didn't they just release a new Giana sisters after like 30 years?

  2. I still have my commodore 64 and all the games. Ultima, wizardy, wasteland, starflight, they where all great. And using the disk swap method to old school cheat and create some super characters was insane.

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