Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inferno On Hardcore

There was a thread which started on the offical Diablo III forums yesterday. You can see it by clicking here clicky clicky. The original poster talks about how he claims Inferno mode on Harcore will not be beaten by the end of the year. Now for those of you who don't know how Diablo works. Hardcore is the mode where when you die, well you die and you do not come back. So it sucks to die. Everything you have found disappears and is then non existent. Also what is Inferno? Well Diablo has a series of difficulty. Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. In order to move to the next difficulty you have to complete the previous. Essentially beating Inferno is beating everything the game has to offer. Beating Inferno on Hardcore means you completed the entire game without dying. Something which not only will be difficult, but will have bragging rights like nothing Diablo has ever offered.

Now on to the claim that it will not be beaten by the end of the year. Now Blizzard has stated Inferno will be hard, brutally hard in fact but I still think making a claim like this doesn't have a chance of coming true. Why you may ask? I really think he is comparing what he may be capable of himself and applying that to everyone. There is teams of gamers that will make this their goal of completion. Look at how guilds in WoW work. The top end guilds work endlessly to be first. There will be teams working day and night to be the person or person to accomplish this. Why? Well it is for those bragging rights. To say they were the one or ones who did the improbably the quickest possible. Now do I think it will be in the first few days? No, but I do think it will be within a couple months without issue. This is also without even seeing Inferno or Hell or Nightmare. I say this because I have confidence in the crazy gamers throughout the world who will make it their mission to be the first.

So I say to all you crazy people, don't let me down!


  1. I would even be more bold and say within a month

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