Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ask Gauss

Happy Easter everyone! Or just happy Sunday to everyone just sitting around enjoying their weekend. Not matter what you are doing you are here for a reason. That being to see the questions I am answering this week, or maybe even seeing if your question was one of the ones I decided to pick. If you are unsure how to send those questions in there is a bunch of ways on the right side of the page to get a hold of myself or you can just email me at with that taken care of let's get to the questions.

What was your favourite April Fools joke this year?

There were quite a few good ones this year in games and out, but I always tend to get the biggest laugh out of random patch notes from games. This year didn't disappoint with this epic line from the Hearthstone patch notes

The spell Blizzard now causes enemy minions to attack Soon™

I know it is funny but I probably laughed way too much at it.

Do you think difficult games like Bloodborne will ever catch on?

I am not completely sure what you mean by this. If you mean everyone will want to play them then I think it is where people expect it to be. I think some of the changed they made from the souls games to Bloodborne made it less punishing in terms of the death, but the game itself is not easier. Games out now always have a specific audience that really is great about gaming now there is something for everyone. Also games that tend to be part of a too large of an audience normally always fail at making specific audiences happy. I think Destiny is the perfect example of this. If you like a game should be happy with that making others wanting to play it can have a bad effect of the quality you like.

I was sad to see no April Fools joke form yourself

Maybe that was the joke?

There you have it questions for the week all answered. Hope the answers were good for the ones asking and for those of you reading. If I did not get to your question I will eventually if I answer it on here or not.

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  1. I too was expecting an April Fools list, but hey I'll live