Thursday, April 16, 2015

Token Fatalities

So as most of you know I am for the most part not against DLCs. I don't mind DLCs that are cosmetic where people have a choice pick them up to make characters look in specific ways or do certain things. I do hate day 1 additional content DLCs because to me if you are releasing a game and the additional content is there it should be included and be for everyone. Now this doesn't include collectors or limited edition bundles because again this to me is almost always purely cosmetic and is not really anything of significance to the game itself. Also I hate DLCs that unlock content which is doable in game as a shortcut. I know this doesn't effect me, but this to me defeats the purpose of going through a game and playing it. This is a mixing of free to play game style with a purchased game and in my mind is bordering on the greedy end.

One thing I can't stand though is companies is releasing addons or DLCs which are 1 time uses which are also shortcuts. The new Mortal Kombat has purchasable 1 time use "Easy" Fatalities. Basically giving you the ability to preform an easy fatality with a simple couple button combo. Not only are fatalities not hard at all to preform charging people a one time use shortcut to me is wrong. Now to me this purchase seems completely useless, but I know people will buy this.

Some might say this is a company profiting from players lack of skill, and who cares. I care. I hate it when companies think they can take advantage of people in such a way that rewards laziness and complete lack of motivation. Why? Because this breads a population of entitlement and these will be the people that will be the ones bitching on forums and causing the games that I love to be changed for their benefit.

Maybe I am overreacting, but there has got to be people out there that think this is wrong just as much as I do.


  1. i'd agree these "easy" fatalities are even farmable in the game which still makes it rather dumb

  2. fatalities were easy in the first place people need to learn how to push their buttons right sometimes sometimes people have dyslexia with the fingers