Thursday, April 9, 2015

If Video Games Were Like Game of Thrones

So as most of you should know Game of Thrones season premiere is on Sunday. Like yesterday when it gave me motivation for the list. Today it gives me motivation for a different kind of topic. What happens if Video games were like Game of Thrones? Now what does that mean? Well basically when things don't work out how they really should. They just end in such a way that leaves you in shock and wondering why they would do that. So here is a few examples of what would happen if that was the case.
  • Ellie shoots Joel at the end of The Last of Us
  • Aerith survived Sephiroth's Sword, but then Cloud ends up drowning her
  • Vivi is the first Black Mage to die
  • Earth loses Mortal Kombat
  • Ezio kills Christina
  • Tirion doesn't make it out of the Ice Block and we as the heroes all join the scourge 
  • Tassadar is Amon
  • Mario finds Princess Peach dead in Bowser's Castle
  • Lee kills Clementine as a Walker because she didn't shoot him
  • Dekard Cain is one of the Lords of Hell
See now wouldn't that be entertaining? As you can see I have a little Game of Thrones on the mind.


  1. I think Peach should be tortured would be better

  2. Peach is in secret relations with Koopa and goes promiscuous with him, and she stabs Mario in the back. Luigi becomes Koopa's Hand (he planned it all).