Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You Fail At Mortal Kombat If...

So today is the day. The day when get to fight to the death in the newest Mortal Kombat game. Besides all the fun you will be having fighting to the death, do you know that there is a pretty rich history behind Mortal Kombat. So in this week's edition of fail I figured I would would put to the test how much you may know.

You Fail At Mortal Kombat If...

  • You weren't aware Brandon Lee was supposed to play Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat movie, but obviously could not because of his death on the movie "The Crow"
  • You did not know Sub-Zero is the only character to appear in every game excluding spinoffs
  • You didn't know Mortal Komabt is one of the major reasons ESRB exists today
  • You did not know that Mortal Kombat was one of the first games to use digital actors
  • You didn't know Ermac was a glitch and wasn't even meant to exist
  • You were not aware there is a move in rollerblading called the "Lui Kang" since the pose resembles his flying kick
  • You didn't know you were being lied to when your friends told you there was a secret way to get "Animality"
  • You also didn't know because of the countless rumors of "Animality"  it became a thing in MK3
  • You were not aware Cyrax and Sektor were originally supposed to be called mustard and ketchup
  • You didn't know you could play Ping Pong in MK2
  • You didin't know "Johnny Cage" intials is a shoutout to Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • You were not aware "Rain" is reference to "Purple Rain" and "Prince"
  • You didn't know Jack Thomspon, the anti video game violence critic, sued the series since a create a player was done to his likeness 

and finally

  • You didn't know "Kombat" is one of the most often misspelled words in gaming.

There you have it. How did  you do? How much did you actually know, and how much of it did you actually google to see if I was bullshitting you?