Thursday, April 2, 2015

Warhound Online

So yesterday was April Fools and with it came jokes from games all around the world. I know some people hate it and it "ruins" gaming for the day, but I for one think it is amazing. From the fake patch notes to some games actually implementing things into the game. One particular year was by far and away the best.

Who remembers logging into Starcraft oon April Fools day 2013 to find that your SCVs, Drones, and Probes had all been replaced. And what were they replaced with? Well Warhounds, of course. You see there was much talk about the warhound being a unit during beta that really had no place. It was OP or somewhat situational and there was no real place for it. It was then scrapped and we never saw it again until they became all races workers for the day.

I have never laughed so hard every single game in my life. It really was the greatest thing. If you were playing against someone and it was their first game they were beyond confused and thought their game was glitching and you would just play along and say everything was fine on your end. They would come to your base and say the exact same thing. Never have I ever played with people that were confused by such a simple thing, and didn't realize what day it was.

Really though April Fools is about things being fun and not very serious so to all the people freaking out about things yesterday learn to have a sense of humor and not be overly serious about everything. It is a game and should be fun afterall.

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  1. Big heads were a lot of fun. Although did make concentrating difficult since you were laughing