Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You Fail At DLCs If...

Fail Day! Yes it has already been a week and already so much fail to talk about. With that in mind everyday could probably be fail day, but then I am not sure it would be as fun. This week I thought I would take a look at DLCs you the love hate relationship we all have for them. So sit back and let's have a go.

You Fail At DLCs If...

  • You had no idea it stands for Downloadable Content
  • You have day one additional content DLCs
  • You have consumable DLCs so people can get ahead quicker
  • You pay for consumable DLCs
  • You continuously release DLCs monthly for a large chunk of the full game
  • You are Electornic Arts
  • You make people pay for patches which fix bugs
  • You have DLC content on the shipped disc which has to be paid for to unlock
  • You have to release one of your DLCs free because you messed up your release of the game
  • You have console specific DLCs
  • You make DLCs manditory for quality of life improvements
  • You make the true ending to a game be on a DLC
and finally

  • You never pay for the expansion DLCs then complain you have no idea what has gone on with the story of the game when the next comes out

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. I will excuse you all now to go complete your downloads.

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  1. Well MK10 did give away a free sub zero skin today