Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'll Miss You..

So here we are Wednesday only 4 days from Sunday and the Season Premier of Game of Thrones. Now if you don't watch Game of Thrones you should. Even if it doesn't follow the books completely it is still far and away the best show on television. If you don't watch it you will not know that it is know for some of the most shocking deaths anywhere. So when coming up for this week's list I thought I would share what I believe are the most shocking deaths in Video Games. Now this is obvious but spoilers.

5. John Marston - Red Dead Redemption

So John is a criminal that is made obvious by the get go. He is willing to give up the other criminals for his family to have a chance at a better life. After he does what he is told the very man who was supposed to give him his freedom betrays him and he his killed brutally by an onslaught of bullets

4. Joker - Arkham City

So Batman doesn't kill anyone. That really is a Batman thing it doesn't happen, but then this happened. Even if it was by accident it still happened, and I will never stop being shocked that this happened.

3. Lucy - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

So this is the girl that saved you. Brought you to some other Assassin's and lead you on to the path for better things. Then all of the sudden your body loses control from this other weird being and you stab her. Granted you find out later she was a double agent, but ya that happened.

2. Aerith - Final Fantasy VII

Not sure you could do anything with Video Games and Death and not include this scene. This afterall had all the shock value. Even with the graphics of the day you could see and feel the intensity of the scene and the shock value when our favourite big baddie pulled the sword out of her.

1. Lee Everett

You could probably include the shock value from the moment he got bit. You were left wondering if you messed up and what you were going to do. Then, of course, with Clementine shooting him in the end you are just left with what in the living hell did I just play.

There you have it my choices for the most shocking deaths in video games. Not sure if it is the best tribute to Game of Thrones, but it was an attempt. Do you have any shocking deaths you thought should have been included? As always bitch about it in some way or another.

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