Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Can Shoot The Wings Off A Fly

So there comes a time in the video game world where you have these awesome teaser trailers that get you so pumped up for it. Even sometimes there is an announced release date and then as it is just gone. The game is canceled and never sees the light of day. This is what my list is going to be about today. What I think the top 5 most anticipated canceled games.

5. BC

A game which was promising so much that was getting everyone who had heard anything about it pumped up for its release realized the game they wanted to make and the game they were actually able to complete just wouldn't be one and the same. I honestly believe even this game would even be hard for developers to complete

4. Thrill Kill

Here it is one of those games that had a release date, but then was scraped. When EA purchased the company making the game they decided to shelf it because in all likelyhood ESRB was going to give this game the game an AO rating. EA wanted to distance themselves from that and the game was canceled. This didn't stop the developers from releasing the almost finished product online though.

3. Shenmue III

One of the games that so many RPG fans wish they could get their hands on. The first 2 games although expensive beyond compare at the time were very well received, but with the fail of the Dreamcast and Sega's reluctance to spend on the series again the game was canceled. 

2. Star Wars 1313

SO Disney bought Lucasarts and canceled pretty much all video game projects. This one actually looked quite promising giving us a different darker look at the Star Wars universe. Now the only reason this isn't number one is because it is believed that the project will be re-launched under the Disney name.

1. Starcraft Ghost

Was there any doubt? This game was hyped from the very start. While it has never been officially canceled it was put on the backburner and never talked about again. The game had people hyped all around and Blizzard even had cinematics all ready to go, which they had shown off making the lack of Starcraft Ghost that much more hard to swallow.

There you have it my list for the best of the canceled games. Don't agree with it? Have another you think should have been mentioned? Well go ahead and let me know one way or another.

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  1. Still think a lot of the work that went into Ghost was used in some of the other Blizzard games. Even that screenshot looks like it could have been in WoW almost