Friday, June 10, 2016

Brothers Stormrage

Friday! Yes here you are and the weekend is just about upon us. With that on the way means that you must be here seeing what is on tap for the reader post this week. Well EnigmaAddict has something for us this week talking about Warcraft's favourite brothers and what could be in store for them come legion. Enjoy the read.

Illidan's return might be the most exciting hero return in Warcraft yet, and I'm really looking forward to it. I never truly felt he was a bad guy and was totally mis-understood... can you imagine how insane his return would be to his people?

What do you think will happen?

Did we ever see the Stormrage twins like really team up and tear the place down? I dunno about you but I'd love to actually see them team up and kick ass together!!

How do you think Illidan's return with all the revelations of the Legion that we now know would be taken by his people? You know I always thought that Illidan's return would somehow galvanise the otherwise depressing night elves to remember they were once badass and kick some ASS. I wonder if we will have some decent adventures of the Stormrage twins - maybe it's hard for 10k year old bros to be buds again and wipe the floor after all their ..."disagreements" but it would be awesome.

But seriously, what do you reckon would happen? Also .. another question, the Stormrages and Tyrande and the Shadowsong's are all from Suramar City too. what would happen when the inevitable re-union with the Nightborne occur? Would Elisande be dead by then and Thalyssra in charge? because it would be a very different scenario if they meet a nightborne group with Elisande in charge than if they meet one with Thalyssra in charge.

Do you think Illidan Stormrage would end up leading the Nightborne and the Broken Isle group of Night Elves? I mean they are a bit different than the Western Kalimdor group - one being pre-sundering civilization that Illidan is use to as well as many of the normal night elves on the island would be more intune with having being separated from the main group who did the vigil and ended it now in a post vigil civilization?

Besides do you think Illidan would forgive them if they accept him? Afterall he has only ever wanted to save his people and help them return to greatness - The priesthood locked and guarded him but, it was Tyrande who he still loves that set him free. He may not like Maiev at all, but she is now on board and working for and not against the demon hunters and there is a bigger threat... dear oh dear...what will be?

Well your thoughts? Or have you had enough Brother's Stormrage? Whatever side of the coin you are on enjoy your weekend

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