Thursday, June 16, 2016

E3 Is What It Is

So as you probably know E3 is going on. You know one of the time gamers from all over the world look to for great news on their favourite properties for the year. See if there is any announcements or shocks that they can get pumped up for. This is not only great for the industry, but for the gaming community as a whole. It gives us something to connect to each other with.

Now something that people can't stop arguing about is the fact that whatever shown at E3 is basically just flavour to get people hyped and talking about their game. Yes it is true. Companies come to E3 and show off their properties and get them talking about it. This really is the only reason for companies to participate. Now in previous years companies have been caught using trailers, clips and such that contains nothing from the actual game as a whole. These pieces were merely created for E3 and the purpose of selling their games in the future. Because this has happened though some people decide to cast off people who enjoy anything they see at E3 as just a purpose to get people talking and pre-ordering their game and then all consumers will be let down in the future.

This is a pretty half empty approach. Yes companies have used the practice, but any game looking for pre-orders at E3 is generally pretty close to shipping and not as most things are and that being at least a year away. Games in this day in age are announced way before shipping. Games advertising pre-orders are in all likelihood not announcing their game for the first time during E3.

So it is simple, do your research don't be a lemming. That includes listening to the guy saying everyone lies at E3 and it is worthless to tune in. So enjoy E3 for what it is not what someone else thinks it is.

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