Friday, June 17, 2016

Call Of The Wild

Friday. Yes the weekend is just about here, and I assume you have lots of things going through your mind. I am here to make sure you have another with this week's Reader Post brought to you by Lilz. He has some thoughts on Hearthstone and the card "Call of the Wild". Enjoy!

It's been a while since I have thought about specific cards but I wanted to hear your thoughts. I actually searched the forums for Call of the Wild and the most recent posting was from May. And it was a post about how "OP" Call of the Wild is. This post is not focused around that.

Nearly every hunter I've played since Whispers of the Old Gods came out is playing this card. The only Hunters I haven't seen play this card are Hunters who I've beaten before turn 8. Is this card an auto include in every Hunter deck? 

Call of the Wild is not anything near the pre- "New Way To Play" Force of Nature+Savage Roar combo, but it's seemingly a no brainer auto-include in nearly every Hunter deck. So I ask the question, was a main point of changing Force of Nature + Savage Roar (besides it's almost OTK potential) not to make a Druid have to make decisions when building decks? So then why would they not follow suit for Hunter? I was under the impression that the only cards which should nearly always feel like auto-includes would be Classic cards since they will be staples of Standard for the foreseeable future.

If so, then doesn't Call of the Wild just seem counter-intuitive to what the Hearthstone team was trying to accomplish moving froward from of the Old Gods? Don’t you think so?

Well what do you all think? Plenty of thoughts for the weekend?

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