Thursday, June 2, 2016


Thursday and normally is the case I go off about something that is bothering me. Today I am going to talk about something that does need a fix. Now everyone who has played Heroes of the Storm knows that its MMR is a little out of whack and people who realize it is being worked on know that is why we are still in Pre-Season.

Now Blizzard is adding unranked draft mode to Heroes which will give people an option to try out heroes without the risk of ruining other peoples ranks and their owns while in hero league. Also this gives people a less stressful environment for those who have anxiety about playing ranked play. This overall is a great edition and I think it will be well received by all.

The second edition is to help those with MMR issues. With Heroes being a team game and Hero League has a large part to do with working as a team effectively. People can get bad luck and get stuck in what is know as a MMR hell early on in their gameplay. To compensate this Blizzard is making the placement matches effect your MMR but also your given MMR after the seeding will have a high "uncertainty" basically the more games you play your MMR will settle into place. Therefore the games you play at the start will have less and less effect on your current MMR. This way people should even out where they should. This will stop people from getting unlucky or lucky during the placement system because of some good or bad teammates.

This is always going to be an issue, but more Blizzard tweaks the system the more they will get it closer to the best system. The only perfect system will be in Team League, but that is because the unknowns are not even nearly as complicated. So have patience players and don't assume they don't care or want your experience ruined. It will keep getting better.

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