Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Despise Him With All My Metallic Heart

So here I was just sitting around wondering what I would be doing for this week's list when I was in thought about how some villains end up losing when the "heroes" are just awful. With that in mind here is my list where you are left with the head scratching on the villains that lose.

5. Gruntilda - Banjo Kazooie

The fact that she was stopped by a bird and a bear who learned everything they knew from a mole means she should probably retire as her life as a which.

4. The Ghosts - Pac-Man Series

So strength in numbers is supposed to be an advantage. Well in this case it isn't. Sure all the ghosts are supposed to do certain things, but they just end up failing in every possible way. 

3. LeChuck - Monkey Island Series

Guybrush is the kind of guy you like to be around to see what type of idiotic situations he can get himself in. This is probably why Monkey Island is always so fun to play the problem is who does this idiot end up winning?

2. Bowser - Super Mario Series

So he is the king of the koopas and can breathe fire and some way some how looses to a plumber who requires power ups to do anything effective.

1. Dr. Robotnik/Eggman - Sonic Series

Even Big the Cat beat this guy. Everyone of Sonic's friends have taken him down and for some reason he makes sure all of his machines have a weakness to speed.

There you have it. This week's list all wrapped up. What bad guys do you think really just messed up? As always let me know in one way or another.

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